hyundai still 02.1001
Actor Jason Bateman

Actor Jason Bateman stars in the game day ad from INNOCEAN USAJAMM Santa Monica, the artist-driven creative studio, lends its talents to Hyundai’s comedic Super Bowl ad “The Elevator.” Created by INNOCEAN USAand directed by Jim Jenkins of O Positive, the lighthearted 60-second commercial features award-winning actor, director and producer Jason Bateman.In the spot, Bateman stars as an elevator operator in a building full of life’s best and worst experiences. When a happy couple explains they are going car shopping, the elevator descends, stopping on floors where much-dreaded activities are portrayed, like getting a root canal, serving jury duty, and enduring a six-hour flight in the middle seat.The elevator door opens onto each vignette and other passengers reluctantly step off, before Bateman and his remaining riders reach the “Car Shopping” level, a car lot with blaring music and inflatable “air dancers.” After realizing the couple used the Shopper Assurance program, Bateman cranks the elevator upwards to the pristine top floor where they are greeted by their brand-new Hyundai Palisade. See the Commercial.

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