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In today’s dynamic digital landscape, the age-old wisdom of “it’s who you know” has evolved into a powerful truth: “it’s who knows you.” Embracing this paradigm shift, TheCGBros stands as a beacon in the realm of Internet Media. We are more than just a Virtual Online Service Provider (VOSP) – we are your dedicated partners in the new age of entertainment.

As one of America’s rapidly growing Internet Media companies, TheCGBros specializes in amplifying the voices of New-Media Producers who craft mesmerizing audiovisual productions enriched with computer graphics imagery (CGI), visual and special effects (VFX, SFX), and animation. We take pride in our role as aggregators and publishers, ensuring that these remarkable creations gain the visibility they deserve.

At TheCGBros, we understand the importance of personal promotion in this fast-paced industry. Our friendly and professional team is here to deliver unparalleled ancillary services, fostering connections and propelling your creative journey forward. Let us be the driving force behind your success, helping you shine brightly in the digital spotlight. Join hands with us, and let the world know your story.

Welcome to TheCGBros, where innovation meets entertainment! Since our YouTube channel’s inception in late 2011, we have been pioneers in the digital video entertainment realm. Our videos captivate millions worldwide, weaving compelling narratives, remarkable characters, and state-of-the-art digital animation & VFX into every frame.

As a versatile intermediary and virtual online service provider, TheCGBros proudly connects a diverse global community. From avid viewers seeking entertainment to passionate creators shaping the future of video entertainment, our reach spans across the spectrum. We cater to individuals ranging from members of the General Public to Individual New Media Producers, Art Students, VFX Schools, CGI/VFX Studios, CGI Software Companies, Advertising/PR Agencies, Video Game Studios, Movie Studios, and beyond.

At TheCGBros, we serve as a dynamic “virtual interface,” bridging the gap between producers, consumers, New Media Producers, and fans. Amidst a vast ocean of possibilities, our dedicated team carefully curates, nurtures, and refines outstanding content that resonates with fans. We spotlight exceptional works, ensuring they receive the attention they deserve. Rest assured, your INSPIRATION is our top priority, and we guarantee a connection that fuels your creative spirit!

Currently, our platform features a rich tapestry of entertainment, showcasing hundreds of short films and collaborating with over two hundred artists and studios. Names like MPC, Sony Picture Imageworks, The Mill, The Embassy VFX, Animal Logic, and Goodbye Kansas are just a glimpse of the talent we proudly feature.

Join us on this exhilarating journey, where creativity knows no bounds, and every story finds its audience. Discover, create, and inspire with TheCGBros!

TheCGBros: Shaun and Bill

TheCGBros: Shaun and Bill Johnston

Shaun Johnston, President, and co-founder of TheCGBros, boasts an impressive career spanning over 28 years in the video games industry. As a highly skilled CGI artist and animator, Shaun has honed his expertise as a 3D Generalist, specializing in crafting immersive 3D animation, previsualization, VFX, and cinematic sequences for both PC and Console game trailers, as well as in-game Cut-Scenes. He possesses extensive experience with motion capture, having assisted in planning and overseeing motion capture shoots. Shaun has also personally tested several motion capture solutions, including Optical-Passive, Inertial, and Video/Markerless systems such as OptiTrack, Xsens Link and Awinda, Shadow, Perception Neuron, and iPi Soft solution.

Shaun’s professional journey has taken him through renowned industry video game companies, including Sony Computer Entertainment America, Gearbox Software, Sony Online Entertainment, and Daybreak Game Company. He has had the privilege of successfully shipping over a dozen video game titles, and his creative influence can be witnessed in iconic game titles such as the billion-dollar Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO) franchise EverQuest®, the Guinness World Record-holding FPS Planetside 2™, and the groundbreaking battle royale game, H1Z1. Currently, Shaun is dedicated to shaping the future of gaming as a full-time Principal Animator at a leading San Diego video game company.

Bill Johnston, Vice President, co-founder of TheCGBros. Bill is an established digital media professional specializing in CGI, 3D Animation, and Digital Visual FX with 23 years of experience – the last 19 within the console-gaming industry managing the production of cinematic digital FX animation projects for industry leaders including Activision/Blizzard creating the billion-dollar franchise Call Of Duty, Sony Computer Entertainment of America, and Bungie. 

He has specialized in in-depth work in the areas of Pre-Visualization, Pre-Rendered FX/Cinematic Cut-Scenes, Promotional Projects, and Real-Time Future-Gen FX for Game Environments. Johnston has worked on more than 45 AAA game titles played on personal computers, as well as on Sony’s PlayStation, and Microsoft’s Xbox consoles. The titles include, among others, game series such as the CALL OF DUTY, DESTINY, RESISTANCE, UNCHARTED 2, LAIR, WARHAWK, GOD OF WAR, and SOCOM 3. He is currently working on another high-profile game franchise creating FUTURE-GEN FX for next-gen Platforms.


Our Team

TheCGBros operates an agile and capable team comprising half a dozen highly motivated creative and technical people who are passionate about art and storytelling and understand the power and importance of digital art as a medium for communication. They are dedicated to creating the best possible experience to our end users – both new media producers as well as the YouTube viewing audience.