TheCGBros Code of Ethics


At TheCGBros, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and ethics in all our operations. Our platform serves as a vital bridge connecting emerging talent in the CG community with a global audience. We provide these services for free, relying on viewer support and ad revenue to sustain and grow our platform. This Code of Ethics outlines the principles guiding our operations and interactions with all stakeholders, including content creators, viewers, and partners.

    1. Respect for Content Creators

      • Commitment to Creators: We recognize the hard work and creativity of the content creators who choose our platform to showcase their talents. We commit to treating their works with the utmost respect and integrity.
      • Rights and Ownership: Content creators retain ownership of their submitted work. We ensure transparent communication about how their content will be used on our platform.

    2. Transparency in Operations

      • Clear Communication: All operational policies, including changes to our terms of service or monetization strategies, will be communicated clearly and promptly to our users.
      • Ethical Monetization: Our platform relies on ad-supported revenue and viewer support. We commit to ethical advertising practices that respect the viewing experience of our audience and the integrity of the content displayed.

    3. Value and Quality Assurance

      • Promoting Excellence: We are dedicated to promoting high-quality content and providing a platform for learning, inspiration, and entertainment.
      • Non-Monetary Benefits: Recognizing our financial model, we offer non-monetary benefits to our creators, such as exposure, networking opportunities, and promotional activities, contributing to their professional growth.

    4. Viewer Engagement and Feedback

      • Viewer Support: Our platform thrives on the support of our viewers. We are grateful for their engagement and feedback, which are crucial for our continuous improvement.
      • Responsiveness: We maintain open channels for viewer feedback and suggestions, ensuring that our community’s voice is heard and valued.

    5. Community and Social Responsibility

      • Supporting the CG Community: We are committed to the growth and development of the CG community, providing a space for emerging talents to be discovered and flourish.
      • Social Impact: We recognize our role in influencing cultural and creative trends. We strive to make a positive social impact through the content we showcase and the initiatives we support.

    6. Compliance and Accountability

      • Legal Adherence: We adhere to all applicable laws and regulations in our operations, ensuring legal compliance in every aspect of our platform.
      • Accountability:We hold ourselves accountable to these ethical standards and are committed to rectifying any deviations promptly and responsibly.

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