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TheCGBros started out 20 years ago creating 3D animation and visual effects for some of the top players in the CGI cinematic and gaming spaces. Then, we started curating the best CGI/VFX based works around the world to help others gain the recognition and exposure they deserve See here for more about us.

The benefits are awesome!

  • First, you get access to premium content such as industry interviews, how-to’s and digital downloads.
  • Second, you’ll receive TheCGBros Insider, our very own e-magazine that keeps you current on industry trends, new technologies and who’s making waves in the CG world!

We connect with artists and creators all over the world. When you add your skill-set and interests to your profile, we can tailor the information we provide to personalize the content you get from us! Go to the MyAccount link at the top of the website to fill in remaining fields.

Getting your video on TheCGBros

The application process is quick and easy. Simply click on the Submit Your Video menu selection and provide a brief description and viewable link to your video.

Note, when your video is approved, you’ll need to be registered to upload your video.

We’ll get back to you typically within 5 business days.

When your video is approved, you’ll receive an email with a link to our secure upload area.

Unfortunately not. But you are encouraged to submit other videos!

Preparing your Video Files

Use the following format: “Title” (year) i.e., “The Scary House on the Hill” (2017) Click here for more info!

A synopsis is a brief outline of the story and should be described in fewer than four sentences.

Yes. Although there are industry traditions and sometimes union and guild requirements, there are no real standards. Although there is technically not a “wrong way,” certain traditions have evolved around the closing credits order in which this gratitude is expressed. Click here for more

The Description Area is where you’ll copy and paste a brief Synopsis of your video.

Simply copy and paste your web links and social media links that you’d like to share into the “Web Links/Social Websites” field on the video submission form. Links should be full path links. Example: or
Additional information that you’d like to include such as bios, background info, etc. should be copied and pasted into the “Additional Information” field on the video submission form.

Uploading your Video

To upload your video, you will need to create an account. This will allow you access to the video submission area. You’ll also need to have access to Google Drive. Google Drive is the method we use for fast and secure file transfer to our servers.

Yes. The limitation is currently 10GB

Because today, videos autoplay on many social platforms and a high number of viewers watch without sound, or are hearing impaired. By uploading SRT files for your video, it’ll get more eyeballs and more engagement! Click here for more info!

Minimum video resolution accepted is 1080-HD (1920 x 1080 pixels). The format of your video should be in MP4 h:264 format, but we can accept most file types.

Please have three 1920 x 1080 thumbnail images; a brief synopsis; credits; and an .srt file (in English) for closed captioning ready when you upload your video. Click here for more.

Yes. Your video is subject to copyright laws when uploaded to the internet or offered for sale or other distribution, including public and private viewings.

Not necessarily, but you need to have the legal rights to do so.
Respecting the copyrights of others is of primary importance to TheCGBros. Some basic questions to ask yourself are:
  • Did I make the video (as an individual or as part of a team)?
  • Is it an original story?
  • Is it a remix or interpretation of another copyrighted work? If it is, does my video meet Fair Use guidelines?
  • Did you create the music yourself? If not, did you purchase a license for the music used in your video?

It is expected that Users of our Service will comply with applicable copyright laws. However, if TheCGBros receives proper notification of claimed copyright infringement, our response to these notices will include removing or disabling access to material claimed to be the subject of infringing activity and/or terminating membership.

Yes, provided you have not reassigned or sold them.

Generally yes. Each creator/team member has 100% ownership rights called an “undivided interest”, and any member has the right to grant a license to the work.

See here for more info.

A license is the permission, consent, or release granted by one party (the licensor) to another party (the licensee) authorizing the licensee to use something, or to allow an activity to take place, or do a particular thing. In essence, it is a promise by the licensor not to sue the licensee.
Granting us a license protects your copyright. The license is your permission for us to host your video. It recognizes your ownership and protects you as the creator of the work and we cannot stream your video without it. Of course we will try to host your video to as wide an audience as possible.

Generally, licenses fall into 2 categories: EXCLUSIVE and NON-EXCLUSIVE

The license can take the form of either an express license (in written form) or an implied license (non-written form).

An Exclusive License grants to the licensee the sole right to use the intellectual property, and means that the licensor (You), may not use the same intellectual property or allow any others to use that same intellectual property.

A Non-Exclusive Licence grants to the licensee (us), the right to use the intellectual property, but means that the licensor (you) remains free to use the same intellectual property and to allow any number of other licensees to also use the same intellectual property.

We require a Express Non-Exclusive License.

Yes. If you want to revoke the license with TheCGBros, you may do so by notifying TheCGBros at any time in writing via email. As a practical matter, please know not all obligations can be terminated, including but not limited to those contained in the Content Submission Agreement.

No. You still own your video and all the rights to your video.

The license you grant us is for an initial term of three years. It will automatically renew for a one year period unless we are notified otherwise by you.

What about the Music in the video?

Yes. Unless you made the music yourself, the music used in your video is subject to copyright laws whether uploaded to the internet or offered for sale or other distribution, including public and private performances.

TheCGBros are strong anti-piracy advocates, and YouTube takes music copyright issues very seriously. Unless you made the music yourself, you’ll need to purchase a music license for any music you use in your video.

There are many places you can go to obtain music that can be quite expensive. Check out our library of affordably priced and cleared music for your use!

Music licenses are sold depending on the music’s intended use. The music license required by YouTube and therefore TheCGBros, needs to be sub-licensable (able to be passed on), or a Creative Commons 4 license.

The license you give us needs to be an express license. The license can be take the form of either an express license or an implied license, and can have exclusive or nonexclusive terms. An “express license” is an written agreement where the copyright owner maintains its ownership of the rights involved, but allows a third party to exercise some or all of those rights without fear of a copyright infringement suit. An “implied license” is an unwritten agreement where the copyright owner maintains its ownership of the rights involved, but permits a party (the licensee) to do something that would normally require the express permission of another party (the licensor.) Implied licenses may arise by operation of law from actions by the licensor which lead the licensee to believe that it has the necessary permission. Nonexclusive licenses may be granted orally or by implication, such as by delivering a work to the licensee. By law, grants of exclusive licenses must be in writing and, therefore, an exclusive license must take the form of an express license. Under the same law, grants of nonexclusive licenses do not need to be in writing, but may they may be. This means that a nonexclusive license can take the form of an implied license. *TheCGBros does not accept implied licenses because they need to be ready to provide documentary proof of their having obtained a valid license to your video if and when proof is demanded by a third party, such as when they are taking action to protect your copyright from piracy.