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Technology is moving at an incredible speed and the implications of the introduction of GenAI in the entertainment industries is becoming clearer especially in three main areas. Film/TV production, Gaming production, and Music production.

The Merging of Job Functions: With the adoption of GenAI, we’re likely to see a blending of traditional job roles. Tasks that were previously handled separately may now be combined into more streamlined processes. For example, functions like sound editing and mixing could become integrated, requiring fewer specialized roles.

The Substitution of Roles: As new technologies like GenAI become more prevalent, they may create demand for entirely new job roles that didn’t exist before. For instance, while some tasks may be automated, there could be a need for professionals skilled in overseeing and optimizing AI systems, as well as interpreting and implementing their outputs effectively.

Job Elimination: Unfortunately, the integration of AI also means that certain jobs may become obsolete. Tasks that can be automated by AI algorithms may lead to the elimination of positions that were previously performed manually. This could affect a range of roles across the entertainment industries, from production assistants to technicians.

At its heart, the introduction of GenAI represents a significant transformation in how entertainment content is created and produced. While it brings opportunities for efficiency and innovation, it also poses challenges for the workforce. It’s essential for professionals in these industries to adapt to these changes by upskilling, embracing new technologies, and staying flexible in order to thrive in this evolving landscape. Hang on for dear life my friends!


This month in TheCGInsider Newsletter- April 2024: The emergence of GenAI suggests a significant shift from traditional methods to innovative approaches in the entertainment sectors – specifically Film/TV, Gaming , and Music Production. This transition is expected to reshape the distribution of labor and capital within these industries. As a result, creative professionals are entering a period of disruption characterized by several changes. These include the merging of certain job functions, the substitution of current roles with new ones, and the outright elimination of many positions altogether.

The Impact Of AI on Film/TV Industry.

In recent years, the Film, Television, and Animation industry has seen a significant shift with the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies. This transformation is reshaping how content is created and produced across various stages of production, from preproduction to post-production.

Adoption of GenAI: Over two-thirds of firms within the Film, Television, and Animation sector have embraced GenAI, positioning themselves as early adopters of this cutting-edge technology. Notably, companies primarily involved in postproduction activities are leading the charge in implementing GenAI programs. These programs assist in a range of tasks, including generating 3D models, character and environment design, as well as voice generation, cloning, and compositing.

Disruption and Job Impact: However, this rapid adoption of GenAI comes with implications for employment within the industry. Approximately 21.4% of jobs in Film, Television, and Animation are projected to undergo significant changes by 2026 due to the integration of GenAI. This equates to approximately 118,500 jobs across the United States. California, being the hub of industry employment, will bear the brunt of this disruption, affecting around 39,500 jobs. New York will also experience notable job displacement, with 15,100 jobs expected to be impacted.

Job Roles at Risk: A variety of job roles within the Film, Television, and Animation industry are predicted to face displacement over the next few years. Sound Editors, 3D Modelers, Sound Designers, Compositors, Graphic Designers, Re-Recording Mixers, Broadcast Technicians, and Audio and Video Technicians are among those identified as vulnerable to job displacement. Additionally, there are concerns for roles such as Storyboard Artists, Illustrators, Look/Surface/Materials Artists, and Animators.

The Impact Of AI on the Gaming Industry.

The Gaming industry, with its long history of technological advancement, has been quick to embrace GenAI, positioning itself as a leader in the development and deployment of AI technology. Despite its high degree of integration, the industry is not immune to job disruption.

Adoption of GenAI: Nearly 90% of firms within the Gaming industry have either adopted or are in the process of adopting GenAI programs. These programs are utilized across all stages of production, from preproduction to post-production, with over three-fourths of firms being early adopters of GenAI within each stage.

Disruption and Job Impact: Although the Gaming industry leads in GenAI integration, job displacement is still anticipated. Approximately 13.4% of Gaming jobs, totaling 52,400 positions, are expected to be affected by 2026. Most of these changes will occur in California, with Washington having the highest location quotient of gaming jobs.

Job Roles at Risk: Key job roles within the Gaming industry are forecasted to face displacement over the next three years. These include Software Developers, Sound Editors, Software Analysts and Testers, Special Effects Artists, 3D Artists, Game Designers, UI/UX Designers, and Video Game Testers. Respondents also expect GenAI to play a larger role in tasks such as generating 3D modeling, concept art, visual development, sound design, voice generation, and cloning.

The Impact Of AI on the Music Industry.

Adoption of GenAI: Only half of firms in the Music and Sound Recording industry are early adopters of GenAI. Most of these adopters primarily operate in pre-production, utilizing AI technology to assist with voice generation, music generation, recording, and even lyric generation. Around 45% to 57% of respondents use GenAI for various tasks like mastering, mixing, and cloning.

Disruption and Job Impact: Due to the lower adoption rate of GenAI in Music and Sound Recording, the proportion of jobs affected by AI is lower compared to other entertainment industries. About 8.4% of industry jobs are expected to be disrupted by 2026, translating to approximately 1,800 jobs across the United States. Most of these job displacements will occur in California, but Tennessee will feel the effects more acutely due to its large music industry footprint.

Job Roles Affected: Industry leaders foresee certain job roles being more vulnerable to displacement in the coming years. Sound Designers are expected to face the greatest degree of displacement, with over half of respondents expressing concerns. Additionally, roles such as Music Editors, Audio Technicians, Sound Engineers, Songwriters, Composers, and Studio Engineers are also expected to experience impacts due to AI integration.

Navigating the Future Of Employment.

So, as AI and machine learning continue to shape the landscape of the entertainment industry, it’s crucial for professionals to adapt to these changes. While the adoption of GenAI brings about efficiency and innovation, it also poses challenges for the workforce.

Adapting to Change: To thrive in this evolving landscape, workers must embrace continuous learning and upskilling. By acquiring new skills and staying informed about technological advancements, professionals can position themselves for success in a rapidly changing industry.

Fostering Creativity: While AI can automate certain tasks, it cannot replicate human creativity and intuition. Therefore, there will always be a need for skilled professionals who can harness the power of AI to enhance their creative output.

While AI and machine learning technologies are transforming the entertainment industry, they also present opportunities for innovation and growth. By embracing change, fostering creativity, the entertainment sector can navigate the future of employment in an AI-driven world.

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