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What are Students, New Media Producers and Creators are saying about TheCGBros?

David Ratajczak
David RatajczakConcept Art / DMP / Environment TD
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I would like to thank you for the creation of TheCGBros' channel. This amazing platform helped me a lot to get some contacts, find jobs, and finally, reach my goal. Today, I work at MPC Montréal, in one of the most prestigious VFX companies. You are one of those who have allowed me to realize my dream!
chen gang
chen gangCgfishVFX
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TheCGBros is the most professional CG work publishing platform.
Sutherland-O'GaraMillie Sutherland-O'Gara
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TheCGBros content is original and exciting; they promote up and coming artists (altruistic) and they're one of the best places to come for a variety of content- including how-to's and final pieces.
Logan Webb
Logan Webbloganwebbanimation
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I chose to stream with CGBros in order to reach the widest possible audience.
Shrikant Khot
Shrikant KhotSiri_shrikant
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It's the best platform for artists like me to get a platform like CGBros, It helps me get recognized by a large diversity of artists, who can give suggestions to me...
Dennys Herman
Dennys Hermandherman
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I love the community that your channel provides. It is such an amazing platform for up and coming creators to share their projects with other creatives.
Brent Forrest
Brent ForrestBrent_Forrest
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High traffic. We need eyes on the film because we're partially crowdfunding the feature length version.
Zhanna Travkina
Zhanna TravkinaMondlicht_Studios
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Amazing channel with various content, nice organization and structured communication
Yeongseok Kim
Yeongseok KimYeongseok_Kim
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The CGbros channel is the biggest source of inspiration for Korean CG artists. We've been developing our dreams by watching the contents of the CGbros channel.
Sofia Azpe
Sofia Azpesoazpe
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I really enjoy seeing the diversity and range of films on the channel as well as the different levels of creators from student to professional.
Julia Chaix
Julia ChaixJulia_Chaix
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We chose to stream with you because of the quality of the selected projects, the recognition of The CGBros in the animation industry and to share our work with a larger audience. Thanks for this opportunity! :).
Clemhyn Escosora
Clemhyn Escosoraclemhyn
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TheCGBros is the best platform for animators and film makers.
We know that CGbros can give us students more exposure to professionals, potentially to help us find our career paths. Having our film in CGbros would also have us honored to be on.
paula navarro
Paula Navarro
Their own content is original and exciting, they promote up and coming artists ( altruistic) and they're one of the best places to come for a variety of content- including how-to's and final pieces.
Millie Sutherland-O'Gara
Have watched short films on TheCGBros for many years. It's a huge honour to be a part of this curated selection with the ability to showcase our work to a huge global audience.
Siddhartha Valluri
Siddhartha Valluri
Since I've started studying VFX, I always wanted to be on TheCGBros Youtube channel. It all started when I've seen Sight, the sci-fi shortfilm from 8years ago, what a long time passed now, and I'm proud today to present my work as a graduated FX TD 🙂
Raphael LAFFITTE jpg
We have always appreciated that the CGBros run a platform to share the films of various creators-- both small and big-- so they can reach a wider audience. It's great for student films like ours, since we do not have much presence on our own just yet to share our film to a wider audience. We love the work CGBros does to offer a platform for these films and would love to contribute to the channel.
henhouse productions
Henhouse Productions
CGI Studio
We are very familiar with CG Bros and your amazing contribution to our community and industry and are looking forward to seeing the reactions to our film from people that understand the amount of work that vfx takes.
ricardo bonisoli
Ricardo Bonisoli
CGbros offers wide variety of beautiful animation videos that give me a lot of inspiration. There are also different countries and people(experts, students) where i can learn from their work.
remko anker
Remco Anker
We respect the quality of videos on TheCGBros channel, we wish to be supportive of those who support and honor creatives and students who are pursuing projects in this field, feel this is one of the strongest avenues that we can showcase our work!
andrea emmes
Andrea Emmes

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