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thank you headerWhat do Students and Graduates Want? From both long personal experience, and from having received extensive feedback, TheCGBros have learned that students’ and graduates’ common struggle is to achieve a lofty goal — that their artistic works provide highly memorable experiences to the largest, warmest, most loving, and most appreciative audiences possible. Students and graduates also dream about becoming a successful professional, making a living through the exercise of their technical skills and the production of meaningful works of art. What’s more, students not only want their works to be presented to those kinds of audiences “right now” — they dream of keeping their works in front of those kinds of audiences “forever.” They also want constant feedback that answers the question: “How am I doing?”

Professional Success: Our thesis is that one of the keys to achieving professional success is to become well known for producing desirable works of art. This means that artists must know how to reach large audiences that appreciate and want their work — Especially when considering the alternative — where if people don’t know about the artist, or if they do know, but don’t like the artists’s work, why would the artists expect anyone to do business with them? So, how can artists move forward on their path to professional success? One answer is that artists need to be discoverable, findable, and credible. But, what do those terms mean?

Discoverability, Findability, and Credibility: In “The Olden Days,” it was said that, “To Succeed in Business, It’s All About Who You Know.” Certainly, all business requires good relationships, and it’s even possible that old adage may have had some truth in it. Regardless, in today’s so-called “digital age,” if anything, it’s more the opposite: “To Succeed in Business, It’s All About Who Knows You.” But, the “getting to know you” part is not the easiest job in the world. In knowledge management terms, you have to be both discoverable and findable. Both states are important and, although closely related, they are not the same thing. Taken together, however, they can fulfill two distinct needs.

Discoverability: relates to how easily a person can discover where to look for information. It’s also about being able to discover new or related information not yet known to exist. In other words, a person wants information but doesn’t know where to look for it. Having a film on TheCGBros YouTube Channel helps to fulfill the requirement for Discoverability.

Testimonials22Findability: relates to how easily a person can find information when the field of search has been narrowed down to where to look for it. In other words, the situation is one in which a person has already discovered the general location where the information is, but has to dig it out. Here, again, TheCGBros can help. We do this by putting films into playlists where the films can be listed by student name or graduate name, or by school name, or both. But, that’s only the beginning. You also have to be credible.

Credibility: To be credible, a student or graduate must have established a good reputation as both artist and businessperson. TheCGBros are currently working on services intended to help with fulfilling the need for the latter. TheCGBros have an extensive number of testimonials to attest to our claims.

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How your students benefit from your partnership

Serving Our Constituents: Students and graduates, their films, and schools are in good hands when working with us. At TheCGBros, our long-term mission, from Day-One has been to curate the highest quality professional CG content, as well as to provide insights and inspiration to our two main constituencies: the producers of video content and the consumers of that content. Simply stated, we help the second group — the consumers — by providing them with high quality video content and we help the first group — the producers of video content — or as we call them, “New Media Producers,” by providing them access to a “destination site” where members of the second group can come and discover their works. And by destination, we mean, specifically, a proven, well-established place, with a great reputation for quality, where people who love our content know they can come to see outstanding videos that were created by the ‘blood, sweat, and tears’ suffering (not to mention loss-of-sleep) of artists with great talent but with little to no Media Reach.

The CGBros 07 1In recognition of our advantageous position in the marketplace, we are currently serving thousands of New Media Producers who have have recognized the power of our reach by responding affirmatively to our invitation to stream their nearly 5,000 films on our YouTube Channel. There is further proof in the pudding. Although statistics can’t tell the whole story, at this writing, in the United States, we are one of the top 14 hundred most popular of all YouTube channels. World-wide, we are one of the top 300 most popular film channels.. In terms of views, almost 1.7 Billion people have viewed our content, making us one of the top 5,000 most popular channels in the world. In addition, nearly 5 Million people subscribe to our YouTube Channel, putting us in the top 5,000 channels in terms of subscribers.

It’s easy to see that granting a license to TheCGBros to showcase a film can help students and graduates receive the marketplace recognition they desire and advance their careers in the entertainment industry. Bottom Line: TheCGBros can provide a given film with greater market reach than 99.95% of all other YouTube channels.

In addition to delivering our services to students and graduates, we also “partner” with CGI schools like yours, providing high-value marketing support as well as a sense of community to both the school and its students. This can result in boosting the market reach for student films and virtual ad impressions for the school. In addition, when TheCGBros showcase a film, it can provide other benefits, including Earned Media Value (EMV). This further allows the school to better serve its students while at the same time expanding the footprint of the school on the CGI field of battle: the marketplace.

TheCGBros: The Best in CG Short Films and EntertainmentTheCGBros Copyright and Licensing Policy: TheCGBros are anti-piracy advocates and do not wish to be involved in controversies over whether copyright infringement has occurred. It is to foreclose the possibility that we will not accept a film for showcasing on our platforms unless we have been granted an appropriate license. Although not legally required, an
additional condition of acceptance is that the form of the license must be the express (written) form. We do not accept an implied (unwritten) license.

TheCGBros’ licensing procedure is very simple. To assent to granting the license, we provide a simple Content Submission Agreement Form that contains the pertinent information on the film. The authorized person verifies that the information contained in the form is correct, places a signature in the electronic signature block, and hits the submit button. That’s all there is to it. Subsequently, the licensor receives a confirmation notice by email.

Certificates as Feedback Mechanisms: An integral part of TheCGBros feedback to its clients is TheCGBros Performance Award Certificate Program, a subset of TheCGBros Personal Promotion Program. The primary purpose of The CGBros Performance Award Certificate Program is to give special recognition of a student’s or graduate’s performance by providing marketplace feedback of the popularity of the film with viewers in terms of the number-of-views milestones the film passes. Currently, we award certificates at the 10 thousand, 100 thousand, 1 Million, and 10 Million view levels. Certificates are sent electronically to students, graduates, and schools.

If your school would like information about how to take advantage of our services for the benefit of your students, graduates, and the school itself, please click below …