Digital Nottingham Centerpiece of New Robin Hood, Brought to Life Over Six Months With Help from Substance Painter and DesignerCLERMONT-FERRAND, France – February 21, 2019 – The city of Nottingham perpetually exists in two states: the metropolitan center that it is today, and the fictional home of one of the world’s most famous outlaws. So when the filmmakers behind 2018’s Robin Hood looked to recreate the fictional Nottingham, they needed to build it from scratch with help from London’s Cinesite Studio

Working closely with Robin Hood’s VFX supervisor Simon Stanley-Clamp and director Otto Bathurst, Cinesite created a handful of settings and backgrounds for the film, starting with a digital model of Nottingham built to scale. Given its modern look and feel, Nottingham of today wouldn’t do, so the team used Dubrovnik, Croatia as its template. The Croatian city – best known to TV fans around the world as the model for Game of Thrones’ Kings Landing – has become a popular spot for filming historical fiction, thanks to its famed stone walls and medieval structures. That made it an ideal starting point for a film set around the time of the Crusades. Read more

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