Our Company

TheCGBros has been at the forefront of digital video entertainment since the debut of our channel on YouTube in late 2011.Our videos delight millions across the world through compelling stories, incredible characters, and cutting-edge digital animation & VFX.

As an intermediary or virtual online service provider, TheCGBros serve a broad, world-wide constituency: From the people who enjoy watching video for entertainment to the people who create and produce the video entertainment. They range from members of the General Public to Individual New Media Producers, Art Students, VFX Schools, CGI/VFX Studios, CGI Software Companies, Advertising/PR Agencies, Video Game Studios, Movie Studios and others.

We’re a “virtual interface”, joining producers, consumers, New Media
Producers and fans. From a veritable sea of possibilities, TheCGBros team curates, nurtures, and refines excellent content that we believe fans will connect with, and channels attention toward those works. Your INSPIRATION is 100% Guaranteed!

We currently feature hundreds of short films and over two hundred artists and studios including, Sony Imageworks, The Mill, The Embassy VFX, MPC, Animal Logic, and Rhythm and Hues Studios.


Shaun Johnston: President, co-founder of TheCGBros. Shaun has been in the video games industry for over 25 years. During that time he has worked on numerous game titles including the billon-dollar franchise Everquest. 

Bill Johnston: Vice President, co-founder of TheCGBros. Bill is an established digital media professional specializing in CGI, 3D Animation and Digital Visual FX with 23 years experience – the last 19 within the console-gaming industry managing the production of cinematic digital FX animation projects for industry leaders including Activision/Blizzard creating the billion-dollar franchise Call Of Duty, Sony Computer Entertainment of America, and Bungie. 

Our Team

TheCGBros operates an agile and capable team comprising half a dozen highly motivated creative and technical people who are passionate about art and storytelling and understand the power and importance of digital art as a medium for communication. They are dedicated to creating the best possible experience to our end users – both new media producers as well as the YouTube viewing audience.